The Amulet’s Curse

The second instalment of Between the Trees begins a year after the Pritchard children found the magic trees in their local park.  Isabel and her best friend Jess are on a school excursion to Kew Gardens and they wander off and come across Kew Palace.  They have no idea of its history and curiously they sneak in and find a library.  When they look at all the paintings on the walls Isabel notices a painting of a man wearing the same amulet that her mother has at home.  She panics and races home to tell William.  As she and Jess are running through Kew Gardens Jess trips over a tree and when Isabel turns around Jess is gone!  Isabel realises that Jess has travelled through time and she has to find her.  

It’s another magical adventure for William, Isabel and Jess. However, instead of the three of them returning home to 2013, someone from the past goes home with them.  Who could it be?

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